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Founded by Sarah Helgen and Dan Kelly, The North is a Minnesota based political consulting firm that focuses on raising money, building campaign organizations and field programs, and training progressives to win.    

Sarah worked for Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign before becoming a top fundraiser for progressive candidates with experience in five states.  She saw first hand how progressive candidates can organize effectively with Keith Ellison’s campaigns for Congress and DNC Chair.  You can read more about Sarah here.

Dan never outgrew his nerdy student government days at the Minnesota Student Association,  and went on to manage campaigns, lead field operations, and design trainings in 17 states and 8 countries. Surprisingly enough, after all that bouncing around, he has has plopped down back in Minnesota (and is still re-adjusting to the cold). You can read more about Dan here.

The North offers some of the services and things you’ll normally find at political firms and a few non-traditional ones.  When we do the regular political consulting services, we do them with a focus on translating ideas into action.

Some of more traditional services include:

  • Fundraising and finance consulting: We can help you develop your finance plan, build prospecting lists, design call time programs and more.
  • Field/GOTV Consulting: We develop paid canvassing, live call and digital programs that are sure to move voters.
  • Direct voter contact: Direct mail, phones, targeted digital ads, and field work better together. We run integrated programs that combine them all, creating efficiencies and more opportunities to persuade voters. But if you need help with just one of part of your direct voter contact, we’re happy to help – and to do so with an eye on how to integrate those tactics into your overall program.
  • General consulting and campaign management: As a campaign manager or general consultant, we work with your team not only to help build a winning strategy, but to identify what needs to happen tomorrow, next week, and in the next month to get things done.

We are also working to offer a range of services that focus on building campaign organization and/or to help meet some needs that we feel are missing in consulting.  Those include:

  • Our Campaign Start-Up Package. Launching a campaign the right way is tough. Too many races lose sight of what’s important and worse, make mistakes or miss opportunities in the first two months that can damage relationships or perceptions for the entire cycle. Our two month start-up package helps campaigns launching the right away – from finding staff to advising on vendor contracts, compliance to communications, social media to political call-time – and we help our clients keep the focus on what matters.
  • Campaign and fundraising audit. Many campaigns hit roadblocks and realize they aren’t on track to reaching their goals. There’s typically not one problem holding them back or a silver bullet solution – it’s usually a connected set of problems in the campaign organization that is keeping your team from achieving results. We provide big picture analyses of your campaign organization and end with a detailed report and presentation to your team on what the campaign can do to move forward.
  • Legislative Organizing Package. We’re partnering with Ben Olson of Olson Advocacy on a legislative organizing package, tailored to groups looking to make a grassroots impact without the hefty costs.
  • A fresh perspective on training. We see good progressive candidates just hear “go raise money” or “go campaign” and are left googling or finding old training manuals from the late 1980’s. Even worse, they are spending hundreds of dollars on expensive trainings and don’t give them the tools they need to win races. We hope to bring a new perspective to training, and we’re working on making quality trainings more accessible and affordable.

If you’re looking for St. Paul gossip or to talk “strategy” with the old boys club at the golf course, then we’re probably not the firm for you.  But if you are onboard for a fresh take on how to get things done politically,  let us know.

We hope you’ll connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to stay in touch, sign up here.

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Sarah & Dan

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