We had a few folks ask us about our name, and how we picked “The North.”

Minnesotans have organized a push to call themselves “The North” as opposed to the Midwest (or plains, or “fly-over country” as our friends on the coasts like to call us).  Here’s a good article if you wanted to read more.

That push caught on with the Super Bowl LII branding  with “The Bold North.” (read more here).

Some folks may think it’s a little quirky to have a movement creating your own region for one state, but that kind of mentality is what makes Minnesota unique. Sometimes it drives us a little crazy, but that is what makes Minnesota special. We’re proud of Minnesota’s quirkiness.

We are also proud of the rich tradition of progressive candidates that have come from this state. From Humphrey to Wellstone, and to our next generation of progressives that includes some of the first openly transgender and Somali American elected officials.  Minnesota is a little different – but in a good way.  We started The North to help the next generation of smart progressive leaders and to help develop a style of consulting that is matched to their needs.

And yes, we heard there’s a popular TV show that might mention “The North.”  Sarah honestly doesn’t even watch the show. Any resemblance to any TV show, real or imagined, is totally coincidental.  We promise to wait at least two weeks before sharing any memes of Sarah on a dragon, Dan wearing a fur coat and holding a sword, or Donald Trump’s face on a white walker.

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