Happy 2019!   We’ve had a busy few weeks and wanted to catch everyone up to speed.

We’ve launched our new website. Our website was built originally on Squarespace.  Our design partner, Trees Cut Stars, finished a website redesign and migrated our site to the WordPress platform.  The new site allows us to have a wider range of features and tools that we’ll be rolling out this year.

Our team is growing.  We’re working with a great group of interns and part-time staff.  And we’re opening a Connecticut office and have added a senior staff member, Kirk Wesley, to our team. You reach more about Kirk and his work here.

Sarah Helgen is taking a step back from business operations.   She’s focusing exclusively on working with her clients, but we’re looking forward to working with her on future fundraising projects.

And we’re building out a set of tools to help local parties communicate online and offline.  Stay tuned for more info. If you have opinions on tools or services that could help local parties, take a moment and complete our survey here.

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