The North offers full service SMS programs where we build a program start to finish:  drafting the script, training and managing staff to send them, responding to messages when people reply, and providing you a report when finished.

(Quick note:  local parties and campaigns should handle SMS internally and typically not pay for a full-service option.  SMS program are an easy volunteer task and setting your program is easy.  Need help setting up your program?  We offer a flat fee SMS set-up and training package).

We’re offering this service to clients that don’t have the volunteer capacity for a program like this.  We can send up to 100,00 individual SMS messages within forty-eight hours.

These aren’t blast SMS messages. These are individually sent SMS messages which boosts effectiveness and can often be a way to keep these messages legal and compliant.  Make sure you research state and local laws to confirm lobbying reporting.  Here’s a sample message:  “Did you know that X legislator is taking a vote on ________ (your issue), a proposal that ______ (description) ? We think it’s important they vote _________ (yes/no) because __________ (rationale) . Could you give hs/her office a quick call and ask them to _______ (description).  Many of your neighbors have already call, and will only take a minute to call.”

Here’s our pricing:













Whether it’s a local or state issue, a well developed SMS program can help generate support quickly. Contact us today if you’re interested in a full-service SMS program.

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