I got a pitch recently from a local communications company that told us that the only way they could produce a video is with a $10,000 budget (and a $15,000 monthly retainer).  

To be fair, the firm envisioned a full-scale TV shoot, like the ones you see with larger firms. Their mistake was not understanding that there is a wide range of ways for people to produce video and that most local campaigns can’t pay $10,000 for one video. The candidate understood that they couldn’t spend 10% of their budget on one video.

We’re going through a huge shift in how we think about content (especially video content).  In the past, campaigns could rely almost exclusively on high-quality, professionally produced TV ads (and local campaigns just simply didn’t produce video). As digital began, campaigns started taking shorter videos (or footage shots during a TV shoot) to produce their videos.  We’ve gone from a model where campaigns could be effective with 3 to 10 videos and be effective. 

Now, larger campaigns are faced with producing hundreds of videos to really define their brand and online presence. And most local campaigns must produce some video content. At $40,000/day for TV shoots (or $10,000 bio videos), that’s not sustainable for smaller campaigns. And it’s not accessible to campaigns with $100,000 to $200,000 budgets to produce the 10 to15 videos that they may need.

Many local candidates are producing quality content with well-produced TV ads.   Effective, short, and authentic content often performs well (and often better than the larger well-produced ads.  Campaign operatives and consultants have to start finding ways to help local campaigns produce quality content at affordable prices.

Next week, we’ll add some quick tips from video consultants who are more than happy to help produce video for less than $10,000.  


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