I’m putting together an Amazon ebook of campaign tips.

Would you be willing to submit a campaign tip? 

This is an opportunity to help local campaigns and share your knowledge. The book will be sold for less than $7, and funds will go to creating content for an online training and coaching program that launches later this year.

Your campaign tips will be categorized in these seven categories (listed below, with some questions that I hope to answer):

  • Defining your problem and opportunity. How do you decide to run? When you don’t have the budget to do a baseline poll, what can you do to understand the problems or opportunities in your area?
  • Setting goals. What are some tips you can use to set a win number? For advocacy/issue campaigns, how do you determine your goal? If it’s stopping a proposal, are there more ways to do this than winning a council vote? How do you determine
  • Understanding and picking your targets. How do you pick who decides a vote or election and more importantly — who influences them?
  • Planning and the right tactics. How do you pick tactics that correspond to each of your targets?  Have you tried anything creative on a campaign that effectively reached a targeted and specific voter universes?
  • Tactics. Specifically, the tactics you would do on local races — raising money, canvassing, phoning, social media, SMS, and basic digital.
  • Campaign launches. How do you make sure that your campaign launch is effective? What should a campaign do leading up to its launch and after?
  • Managing campaigns. How to build routines, motivate, support, and help your candidate and/or team. How do you manage from a plan or budget? What do you do when things aren’t going well? How do you form and manage a coalition?

If you’re not sure where your tip fits in, don’t worry – I’ll help categorize.

Who is the audience? We’ll promote this book to campaign operatives, candidates, party leaders, and anyone who is interested in campaign tips. Your audience is broad, but most campaigns can benefit from your advice.

Don’t worry about categorizing your tip or what section it falls in. Here’s a question: what is your biggest piece of advice for a campaign? Think small picture (“ask volunteers to bring food on election day”) to big picture (“how to tell your campaign’s story in three weeks of paid communications”). 

Click here for a quick form to submit your tips. 

You can choose how you want to be listed — don’t put yourself in a tough spot at work where an employer could be unhappy (state employees, staff in advocacy groups, non-profit staff, etc.). I can list you anonymously, with a short description like, “former campaign manager.” 

If you do want me to list your name and employer in the book, it’s a good opportunity to position yourself as an expert (and get your name in front of local campaigns).

Once we hit 10  tips per section (or shortly thereafter) and a wide range of participants and perspectives, we’ll reach out again to fill in any gaps in our content.

You can submit up to five tips.

I hope you’ll participate. Click here to submit your tip.


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