Friends and Partners

Our Friends

We work with a great group of video, design, digital, and communications operatives and consultants to help our clients. Read more about our friends and partners below.



Ruben Felipe

Ruben Felipe

Ruben is the Connecticut State Director for NECSN. Ruben previously spent eight years as the deputy chief of staff to former Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, where he led the mayor’s neighborhood revitalization initiatives, education reform agenda, and ran the mayor’s successful re-election campaign in 2011.

Ruben has nearly two decades of campaign experience in Connecticut on the municipal, state, and federal levels. A father of four, Ruben’s passion for educational equity was originally sparked by his own experiences growing up in Brooklyn, New York and furthered by his struggle to find a quality education for his children as a parent in Bridgeport, CT. Ruben currently resides in Stratford, CT.


Eric Krueger

Eric Krueger

Graphic/Web Designer

Eric runs the multidisciplinary design studio, Trees Cut Stars, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to officially forming his own studio, Eric worked for over a decade as a designer in both in-house roles as well as advertising agency side and has a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of different clients. For the past 5 years, he has been knee deep in design work for various political campaigns, working with over 40 candidates in the 2018 cycle alone.

Equally strong working in traditional print media as well as WordPress web design and other digital, Eric is passionate about continuing to learn and push his skills. Having worked with so many different types of clients, he understands how vital it is to get a sense for who a candidate is, what their vision is and how that should effect the look and feel of their brand.


Ian Harrington

We partner with creative videographers to produce quality video content for our campaigns. There are far too many consultants who tell their clients that they can’t do a video for less than $15k. That’s just no true. Content is changing, and we need to produce more of it. That’s why we need to shift from overpriced consultants with huge mark-ups to videographers who are willing to hustle and be creative.


Ian is a producer, writer, and filmmaker who cut his chops as Danny Devito’s associate producer. Ian went on lead the Obama Campaign’s Paid Media as Director of Video where he shot and produced the campaigns internal content. He went to serve as a video consultant in Nigeria and Ukraine, helping political clients with their campaign video needs. Ian currently runs HLP (media strategy, consulting, messaging, writing, and video production).

Why we work with Ian:

Ian is more than just his awesome stories about Danny Devito or his current project (writing a broadway musical with the band Devo). Ian is creative, professional and a lot of fun to work with. He understands how content is changing, and looks for creative ways to handle it.

How we work with Ian:

We identify and partner with Ian on projects that need video support, and we have agreed on pricing for video products. Most of the time we pay Ian’s fees through our consulting fee, and we’re always happy to answer questions about billing.


Siobhan Harley


Siobhan Harley is a talented political strategist and digital advertising specialist with a mix of local campaign, high level corporate agency, and national political experience in both the US and UK. Her experience includes leading digital operations for a public affairs firm that specialized in community engagement campaigns for clients facing controversial campaigns and leading digital efforts for national advocacy organizations. She currently runs a national grassroots campaign the UK, where she works with Facebook and other partners to translate online support into offline action.

Why we work with Siobhan:

Siobhan brings a higher level experience with a strong understanding of what local races and issue campaigns must do on digital. She understands high level digital, but also knows how to translate that to local and issue campaigns.

How we work with Siobhan:

We worked with Siobhan to develop an affordable package for local races and issue campaigns.

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