Football or Basketball – Which is More Like a Campaign?

I'm not wading into the right pick for President, but Mayor Pete made an interesting comment about what sport is most like a campaign. His pick? Football. I would have gone with basketball - here's why: There are more "back and forths." Basketball games can have 100+...

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Eight Tips for Cryptocurrency Politics

This quote from a Democratic congressman gives you a sense of what's in store for these companies. “We’re told by some that innovation is always good,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said. “The most innovative thing that happened this century is when Osama Bin Laden...

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The Upside Down Campaign

Have you watched Stranger Things on Netflix? If you haven't, the Upside Down is an alternate reality that looks like our world, but it's dark, dreary, and scary.  Things don't make sense (and btw - there are monsters there). For for Stranger Thing's characters, the...

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Cannabis Reform in 2019 and Beyond

Cannabis reform is one of the most important civil rights and economic issues of our time. With public opinion swinging towards legalization, the time is right to create change. Bu 2019 was a tough year as states with Democratic governors and legislatures failed to...

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Lessons Learned from Amazon’s New York Campaign

The dust is still settling on Amazon’s decision to pull out of their Queens HQ2, citing community opposition and other challenges.   It's a great case study on why organizing and community engagement are important additions to a lobbying and PR strategy....

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