Our Approach

For better or worse, fundraising is a crucial component to any type of campaign. Strong plans, the right targeting, and a well organized finance operation are the foundation of any campaign effort. Without resources, progressive democratic campaigns can’t communicate or organize. That’s where we come in. We help you build your fundraising operation, from setting goals and expectations to designing your plan and guiding implementation. Click here to learn more.

What We Offer

  • Finance plan development. Whether you are a first time candidate or a seasoned veteran seeking higher office, developing a fundraising plan is going to be crucial in ensuring that your campaign can operate to its fullest potential. We will help you identify your network or work with your existing network (if you’ve done this a gazillion times). We’ll help write a plan so you can meet your goals and fund the campaign you need–unless the campaign is focused on billboards and yard signs (then we have a few things to talk about first).
  • Donor cultivation and prospecting. So you’ve called every single one of your friends and enemies since middle school, your third cousin twice removed, and that guy who cut your hair once in 1998, asking them to financially support your campaign. Awesome–you’ve gotten much, much farther than most people running for office. We are here to help grow your donor program by identifying prospects who may also be willing to buy into your campaign. Maybe they are interested in the same issues as you, happen to be institutional donors you just don’t know yet, or even live down the street and you had no idea they cared about the same things you do.
  • Call time. Nobody likes call time, we get it. However, you shouldn’t be running for office or leading a party committee if you aren’t willing to put a bit of blood, sweat, and tears into the process. Think of it as your initiation into the illusive world of running for office (#illuminati). The good news is that we are here to help make the process a little bit less painful, whether that’s developing your initial plan and routines or guiding and coaching along the way. We help you develop your ask and guide call time strategy to make sure you are hitting your goals.
  • Events. Your sorority sister has agreed to host a fundraiser for your campaign with all your other Tri Delts. But wait–you can’t just have them throw a party. They need goals and they need to tap into their own personal networks. In conclusion, you need a professional to stay on them to raise that money so this doesn’t just end up to be a tailgate party. We can help with that, too!

Our Fees

Fees start at $500/month for legislative fundraising support to $5,000/month for full-service, hands-on finance director support for congressional and statewide campaigns. Click here to learn more.

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