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The North Consulting’s “GOTV In a Box” Package

There’s a lot to worry about during the hectic final weeks of a campaign. Managing volunteers, recruiting poll watchers, and finding the last ways to remind Democrats to vote is a tough job for any local party or local campaign.

That job can get harder in off-year elections. There isn’t a larger coordinated campaign or party effort to help turnout voters. Statewide campaigns often help target voters and in digital ads, SMS, and call programs that help boost turnout. Most parties have systems in place for phoning in canvassing but may not have the capacity to implement targeted digital ads or other programs.

We’re offering a “GOTV In a Box” program to help local campaigns with affordable GOTV support for their local elections.


Our GOTV in a box package helps you refine your plan, run an effective digital ad program, and send one round of ringless voicemails to your GOTV targets.

  • Help you plan an effective GOTV program.  We’ll build a GOTV universe for phoning and canvassing, review your GOTV plans and budgets and make recommendations, provide GOTV planning checklists and draft GOTV scripts, and hold a one hour planning call to review your GOTV strategy.
  • Set-up and manage your GOTV digital ads.  We’ll set up and manage Facebook ads that will reach your targeted universe and set up and manage search advertising (Google and Bing). Up to $200 in Facebook ads and $50 in search ads is included.
  • Send one round of ringless voicemails to your GOTV universe. Ringless voicemails are a more effective alternative to autocalls and result in higher contact rates.  We’ll send up to 2,000 ringless voicemails to support your GOTV efforts.
  • Provide ongoing support.  Our team will hold group office hour sessions and 24 hour email responses to any of your questions.

Our Fees

We offer our basic package for a one-time fee of $1,000.


Our Intermediate “GOTV In a Box” package includes all of the services above, and adds SMS and Google Display ads to help boost turnout.

  • Expand your digital GOTV advertising to include Google Display ads. Placement and design of voter file matched Google display ads targeting your GOTV universe.  These ads can be sent directly to the specific voters in your universe. A $500 ad buy is included.  
  • Draft and send one SMS message to every voter in your GOTV universe (up to 2,000 messages). These are 1-1 SMS messages that don’t require voters to have opted-in.  Our team will draft messages, reply to questions, and provide you with data and a report.

Our Fees

We offer our intermediate package for a one-time fee of $1,850.


The North can help with a wide range of GOTV services and we offer open and transparent pricing.

  • Paid canvasses at $20/hour/canvasser plus a management fee of $500-$1,500.This fee includes all payroll, recruitment, management of canvassers.
  • GOTV calls at a flat rate of $23/hour. This fee includes all management, payroll, recruitment, and management of callers.
  • IVR surveys at a flat rate of $750.
  • Producing GOTV materials or direct mail mail.  We design mail and target the right voters for one flat fee with no mark-up.


Our “GOTV In a Box” program can help support your GOTV efforts. Thanks for reading. Please contact us anytime for more information.

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