Legislative Campaign Package

Our Approach

With the legislative session already underway, we’ve been thinking ways to help organizations that may not have the funds for a large grassroots operation, but still have the capacity and an interest in influencing legislative decisions. The North is partnering with Ben Olson of Olson Advocacy to offer a Legislative Grassroots Campaign Package, tailored to groups looking to build grassroots capacity around the legislative session.

What We Offer

  • Initial consultation, where we learn about your goals and focus for the legislation. We’ll help you identify the political landscape and who will influence decisions impacting your organization.
  • Grassroots audit, where we talk with you (and ideally, some of your members) about how the organization is engaging grassroots supporters. We’ll look at everything from databases to digital ads, volunteer structure to training, websites to messaging, and complete an audit designed to help you understand where your organization is at and how to grow.
  • Grassroots recommendation plan. Based on what we learn, we’ll develop a specific grassroots organizing plan that is achievable based on your resources and tailored to your goals. We’ll present this to your key decision makers and help you all identify a focus. This will be more than a typical consultant plan. We’ll provide specific steps and resources to help you build a grassroots plan.
  • Bi-weekly consultation call. Throughout session, we’ll hold a bi-weekly call to talk about how your grassroots program is moving and talk through how we can help.
  • Ongoing support as needed. We’ll chip in to help edit emails, draft scripts, or think through updates to your strategy.
  • Fundraising opportunity assessment. Your grassroots organizing efforts can engage and motivate supporters, creating new opportunities for fundraising. We’ll review your grassroots campaign plan and incorporate opportunities to fundraise, with suggestions on tools and tactics you can implement immediately.
  • Regular legislative updates. We’ll help make you aware of key deadlines and steps in the legislative process that may drive your grassroots supporters.
  • Final report and recommendations on next steps. We’ll help you sort through and synthesize data and put everything together in one place to analyze the results. The grassroots capacity you’ve built during the legislative sessions should be developed and refocused. For groups who are interested in election activity, we’ll help you develop concrete plans to help engage your grassroots supporters in the 2018 election.

Our Fee

Flat fee (one-time payment) of $5,000 for the entire legislation session.
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