Live Calls

our approach + What we offer

The North has partnered with the top political and fundraising call centers to offer live calls at a flat rate of $27/hour. All calls are done by US-based call centers that specialize in political calls. The best part? You’re getting the same quality of the larger phone firms without the overhead costs and high fees.

We bring real-life campaign experience to live call programs, having been the people on the ground designing universes and effective scripts. For all projects, we spend time managing and monitoring all call programs (and invite our clients to join us). This ensures a high quality of calls and the ability to make adjustments to the call program if needed. You’ll end this experience with more than just an excel spreadsheet of data. We’ll provide you a personalized report on progress, including our analyses and suggestions on next steps.

our fees

We offer a flat rate of $27/hour with a $150 set-up fee (waived for call programs over 200 hours).  For clients that prefer per call pricing, we have per call pricing examples that you can use as an estimate in your planning.

Live Identification Calls

  • One Question – $0.85
  • Two Questions – $0.91
  • Three Questions – $0.98

Live Persuasion Calls

  • 30 Seconds – $0.85
  • 60 Seconds – $1.24

Live GOTV Calls

  • 30 Seconds – $0.85

IVR Calls

  • 6 Questions – $0.10/record

We’re in the process of adding call capacity internally and are running experiments to lower prices and building up capacity for smaller call jobs.  Check back soon and click here to learn more.

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