Campaign Start-up Package

our approach

Launching a political campaign the right way is a significant challenge. The first months of a campaign can set expectations, define relationships, and start routines that a campaign will follow for the weeks or months ahead. Without an effective campaign start up, campaigns can’t miss opportunities and damage relationships or perceptions that can linger with them the entire cycle.

Campaigns are especially susceptible to risk in the first weeks and months, before senior staff and consultants are in place and before a candidate has found their voice and refined their message. But campaigns that launch affectively can take advantage of crucial opportunities and set successful habits that will stay with them throughout the entire campaign investing in organization early is important.

The two month campaign start up helps campaigns launch the right way, laying a foundation for success in the weeks and months ahead.

what we offer

  • Work with your team to define your early strategy. Campaigns each need an individualized plan. Effective campaign strategies are team efforts and should be based on research; these take time to develop, and you won’t end your first two months with a perfect roadmap. But we will help – and use this as a compass to drive our efforts.
  • Establish your early campaign structure. Count as in as keeping the seat warm for your campaign manager, providing structure to help your candidates focus on their job. We’ll establish processes for everything from approving social media posts to making purchases to deciding what events the candidate attends. Our goal is to ensure that the campaigns resources are used effectively as possible from day one.
  • Help build your team. We’ll help identify and guide on early hires, proposing an early campaign structure of consultants and staff, and working to find and place the team. To us, that means posting ads, screening candidates, and helping your team make a decision.  This should be a collaborative process – we’ll establish it, weigh in on decisions, and help drive the process forward to decision. We’re not accepting kickbacks from vendors and we’ll disclose any conflicts early on.
  • Advise on campaign compliance and legal. We are not lawyers and don’t provide legal advice. But we’re aware of the issues facing campaigns and know what questions need answers.  From your filing process to your campaign reporting, we’ll help your team ensure that your protected legally and financially.
  • Produce early communications assets. Your direct mail, TV, pollster, and partners should be a key component to developing your message and communication materials. But that process takes time and you’ll need basic assets quickly – usually visual assets, bio, a public FAQ’s and a tough questions document – to ensure that you can be visible without causing harm.
  • Develop and advise on an early political outreach plan. We’ll develop and provide you with tools to use to help your political outreach get off to an effective start.
  • Advise on your initial finance plan. For campaign that need more intensive fundraising start up help, we offer a finance start-up package that builds your fundraising and campaign operation.

Our fees

Fees range from $2,500-$7,500/month.

  • $2,500/month covers smaller campaigns, or larger campaigns with strong staff support that are looking for a more “hands-off” consulting.
  • $5,000/month is a typical fee for a statewide or congressional race with some support (ex. a finance team in place, but no other senior staff).
  • $7,500/month covers full service start-up programs with a level of involvement that’s closer to a campaign manager than a consultant.

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