Small Dollar Fundraising Package

Our Approach

Several states have switched to clean elections programs that challenge candidates to raise significant amounts of small dollar contributions. In return, this system rewards campaigns with state funded grants. It’s a unique approach to change how big money operates in politics. Just a few states have implemented this statewide, but more will follow.

This type of fundraising requires a dynamic hybrid: field and finance, the organization of a GOTV program and the psychology of traditional fundraising. To help campaigns meet that challenge, we offer a small dollar fundraising program that develops targets and programs to help candidates running in clean elections programs.

What We Offer

  • Build effective low dollar universes. We’ll design low-dollar universes specific to your candidate, and get these lists ready for mail, call-time, digital, and event programs.
  • Test and build on success. We’ll launch programs to your low-dollar targets, starting small and measuring success. If you’re scrambling to catch up, don’t worry–we can move quickly and still keep efforts focused and disciplined.
  • Design email, direct mail, and digital campaigns. We work with your team to draft effective mail and digital solicitations and measure results.
  • Provide ongoing support to your finance director. We’re here to guide you and your team to success.

Our Fees

For legislative campaigns, we offer a $1,000 startup package that builds universes, outlines plans, and provides initial templates for mail and digital ads and a $500/month ongoing support package. Fees for statewide campaigns start at $2,500/month. For more info, click here.

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