Our Approach

On the democratic side of the aisle, we have a training problem. Too many trainers take the same presentations they’ve used for years, recycling irrelevant and outdated content. Unfortunately, most trainers haven’t set foot in a campaign office and don’t understand how to train political operatives or parties on what really matters. Our team designs relevant and results oriented training programs that are grounded by real campaign experience.

Training is one of our passions! We have worked our way up through the campaign ranks, putting in the time and effort and learning the mechanics of how campaigns, finance teams, and field organizations are built. We’ve seen how campaigns operate from the perspective of junior and mid-level staff members to managers to consultants and know what it takes to be successful. We have a real passion for designing relevant and effective trainings that prepare candidates and operatives for the core skills that are most important.

What We Offer

  • Tailor trainings to participants’ needs. Too many trainings are “one size fits all,” where organizations and trainers use the same materials without incorporating the needs of the races or the trainees. We approach things differently, providing baseline agendas that help us tailor the trainings to the participants needs and give us a baseline to measure progress.
  • A mix of formats that will be prepared to engage participants effectively. Lecture style presentation, short exercises, and longer exercises are integrated into the overall training program. This helps to keep participants engaged and catering to participants with different learning styles.
  • Separate breakout sessions for content for candidates and operatives. Many trainings lump both candidates and operatives together for the entire training agenda. There is overlap, but additional sessions are needed to help candidates and operatives understand their distinct roles. We’ll work to develop a coordinated agenda that benefits both groups with distinct breakout sessions to help candidates and operatives better understand their roles.
  • Evaluations to adjust the current and future trainings. At the end of each session we ask participants to complete a short but effective evaluation so we can continually refine both our training agenda and content. After the training, participants will complete a more detailed training evaluation.
  • Post-training follow-up to help cement learning objectives from the training. After each training, we develop a 2-3 step follow-up plan.

Our Fees

Fees vary depending on the complexity of the training and time needed.  Discounts available to local parties and nonprofit groups. Please contact us for pricing.

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