The North Consulting’s Website Package

The North is now offering websites as part of our start-up package and as a stand-alone product priced at $1,500.

It might not seem natural for a company that focuses on campaign management, fundraising, field organizing, and training to invest in building campaign websites.

Here’s why we’re doing it

We’ve seen far too many campaigns spend far too much money on websites that don’t meet campaign needs. Our take: local races should never spend $2,500 on websites. And larger races shouldn’t be spending tens of thousands on sites. Campaigns are smart to invest in lean, effective, affordable websites—and take the money they saved and spend it on digital advertising, communications, or grassroots organizing.

Over designed, complicated, and janky websites aren’t only a waste of money. They also make it harder for campaigns to get their messages out to voters. More users are looking at sites on their mobile devices and they expect clean sites that load quickly and drive people to act.

We’ve spent the last few months talking with designers, campaigns, local parties, and online marketing experts to get a sense of what a solid campaign website should entail. We reviewed software solutions and developers to find what works best. And we worked with a designer and website developer to help make the process of creating and launching a site streamlined and efficient.

We used the redesign of The North’s website to work through some of these systems and processes, and have built sites for a handful of our local clients.

Main Features

Included in all sites

A responsive design that drives people to sign up or donate

Navigation best practices

Breadcrumbs, navigation bars, social links in the right spot, and the right amount of scrolling.

SEO plug-ins

Most campaigns are for the short term, and they face challenges as a result. Campaigns should plan to invest a little in Google PPC (search ads), but we’ll make sure your site has a few tools to help boost your SEO.  

Security plug-ins that help keep your site safer

No website is fully safe from hackers, but by taking some reasonable steps we can help make sure your site is protected.

Image compressing and other tools to help your site load faster

Integration with your CRM and donor system

Tracking (pixels installed) to help you see results

A thorough check for the little things

Favicons, functioning links, and more.

Minimal amount of plug-ins to help the site load quickly and effectively

We paired down the add-ons to what most races really need.

Additional Features

Included in all sites

Site updates for the election cycle

If security updates or other needs come along during the election cycle, we’ll update the site at no cost. That makes your site safer and helps it to function better.

Online training on how to update your website

We’ll provide you a quick on-demand training on how to make basic updates to your new website and share some broader ideas on how to use your website to improve your online presence.


Setup of a content management system to allow you to give different levels of access to different people on your campaign

For example, our system will allow a volunteer to write a draft of a post, but leave it to the campaign manager to approve publication of each post. We’ll also show you how to add other users and administrators to your system.

Three months of free access to our new social media management tool, The North’s Social Media Dashboard

Extra Features

The only things that cost more

Logo design

If you have no logo, we can help – budget $250


Drafting content

We like helping and can chip in (sometimes it’s just easier if we write something), but there would be some limits if you need a lot of content (and don’t have a team that can help). Let us know what you’d need and let’s see if we can make it work.

Advanced scheduling and volunteer systems

Membership sites, gamification, volunteer tracking systems, event RSVP systems, and other advanced features are additional. We’ll be rolling out each options for some of these features, but we couldn’t include this with the product.

Integration with non-traditional CRM’s or fundraising platforms

More than 2 revisions at each stage of our process

To offer sites at this price point, we have a process that we’ll need to stick to. We begin with a questionnaire to make sure we have all the technical details we need (domain, hosting, email connections) and what you might be looking for in terms of style. From there we show you an initial concept and ask your approval.  From there we build out sites (typically in two stages).

Other custom integrations

Please let us know if you or anyone in your network is looking for an affordable and effective website for their political project. We’d love to connect and see how we can help.

And whether you work with us or not, please, stop spending $2,500 on a website (if you’re a local campaign) and if you’re a larger budget campaign, seriously stop spending $20,000 on websites. Invest in lean, effective and affordable sites that drive people to act (and spend that saved money on voter contact, digital ads, grassroots organizing, or fundraising).

Thanks for reading.

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