We Build Field, Voter Contact, and Community Engagement Programs for Democratic Candidates and Issue Campaigns.

Field & Community Engagement

We build field programs and paid canvasses for both electoral issue campaigns. We look for ways to maximize budgets and build efficient, integrated and creative programs that produce results.

Voter Contact

We build voter contact programs that include live calls, SMS, ringless voicemails, teletown-halls, and digital advertising at transparent prices. Our recommendation to campaigns: build integrated programs that start by identifying your targets and developing a program that combines phones, field, SMS and digital to reach your goals. We build these programs for reduced rates that saves campaigns money and bring a higher value.

Campaign Management

We build campaigns with a two-month start-up package, a campaign audit, and ongoing general consulting and management to help your campaign organization produce results. Our two month local race coaching program helps local s get the support they need a flat fee of $500.

Football or Basketball – Which is More Like a Campaign?

I'm not wading into the right pick for President, but Mayor Pete made an interesting comment about what sport is most like a campaign. His pick? Football. I would have gone with basketball - here's why: There are more "back and forths." Basketball games can have 100+...

Introducing Campaign Hack, the Local Campaign Training and Coaching Program

I’m excited to start rolling out Campaign Hack, an online training and coaching program for local campaigns and local Democratic parties. It’s a great program for campaigns and local parties that have a team in place but could use a little support or an outside...

I’m Writing an Amazon Ebook of Campaign Tips for Local Campaigns – Could You Submit Your Favorite Tip?

I’m putting together an Amazon ebook of campaign tips. Would you be willing to submit a campaign tip?  This is an opportunity to help local campaigns and share your knowledge. The book will be sold for less than $7, and funds will go to creating content for an online...

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