We Build Field, Voter Contact, and Community Engagement Programs for Democratic Candidates and Issue Campaigns.

Field & Community Engagement

We build field programs and paid canvasses for both electoral issue campaigns. We look for ways to maximize budgets and build efficient, integrated and creative programs that produce results.

Voter Contact

We build voter contact programs that include live calls, SMS, ringless voicemails, teletown-halls, and digital advertising at transparent prices. Our recommendation to campaigns: build integrated programs that start by identifying your targets and developing a program that combines phones, field, SMS and digital to reach your goals. We build these programs for reduced rates that saves campaigns money and bring a higher value.

Campaign Management

We build campaigns with a two-month start-up package, a campaign audit, and ongoing general consulting and management to help your campaign organization produce results. Our two month local race coaching program helps local s get the support they need a flat fee of $500.

The Politics of Scooters: Six Things We Can Learn From the First Scooter Battles

Have you been following the political challenges facing scooter companies? Here's the story: companies like Lime, Bird, and Scoot launched their shared scooter service rentals in a handful of markets. Much like bikesharing, these companies are facing a new set of...

Our Take on the Unpaid Intern Debate

Democratic campaigns are debating whether to continue to offer unpaid internships. It's a healthy debate, and it raises good discussion about how we pay people, what kinds of opportunities we create, and how we recruit better - and more diverse - political operatives....

Why “The North?”

We had a few folks ask us about our name, and how we picked “The North.” Minnesotans have organized a push to call themselves “The North” as opposed to the Midwest (or plains, or “fly-over country” as our friends on the coasts like to call us).  Here’s a good article...

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